Charity Cases: the Treasury?

Monday, November 16, 2009 , , , , 0 Comments

Oh those poor bastards in the UK. How long until Timmy figures out he can make up gift certificates of Treasury debt for "stocking stuffers"?


The Charities Advisory Trust, which pioneered the idea of giving a goat for Christmas, has broadened its definition of good causes to include HM Treasury.

In its Christmas Good Gifts Catalogue, alongside watertanks for African schools and trees for British woods, there is a £20 voucher to "Whittle down the National Debt".

In Japan, they advertise bonds in taxis:

Japan Post Bank is balking at further additions to its $1.7 trillion holdings of state debt. The pillars of the government debt market are crumbling.

Little wonder that the Ministry of Finance has begun advertising bonds in Tokyo taxis, featuring Koyuki from The Last Samurai. If Japan's bond rates rise to global levels of 3pc to 4pc, interest costs will shatter state finances.

So come on, Timmy. Get to drawing out some gift certificates to pay down your friend Zimbabwe Ben's printing problem.

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