Goodbye and God Bless, Lou Dobbs (Oh Wait, You're Not Dead...)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 , , 1 Comments

Confession if you don't already know the story: I am a recovering liberal (yeah, I know). I come from solid Midwestern stock and went to school with Russ Feingold's daughter in the suburbs of Madison, WI. He wrote his "10 Promises to the People of Wisconsin" on his garage door, which just so happened to be across the street from our middle school - can you imagine how embarrassing that was for poor Jessica? Oh well, maybe she didn't care, I never talked to her. Anyway, my people are all blue, my state was blue, and my outlook for much of my life was, well, unapologetically Democratic.

But besides injecting me with Democratic doctrine in my youth, my grandparents taught me two very important lessons: save money and know what is going on in the world.

This often meant watching CNN after school instead of cartoons (or Jeopardy if I'd done my homework, exciting, huh?) so it goes without saying that though I traded in tax-and-spend for Don't Tread on Me once I was adult enough to be equipped to pick a political side, I grew up with Lou Dobbs.

CNN has been around for only slightly longer than I've been on this planet (29 years) and Dobbs has been with the network from the beginning. Dobbs abandoning his post means the last of CNN's original news team has now moved on, leaving us with a little Anderson Cooper and a side of John King with not much substance in between (you didn't expect me to give Sanjay Gupta props, did you?) and may mean alienating CNN's last few conservative viewers (let's face it, Lou was the lesser of many evils on the network), sending it spinning into the partisan wasteland of garbage networks like Fox and MSBNC. At least to me, Dobbs was the last pin keeping CNN as "neutral" as it claimed it was, offsetting the liberal authority of the network.

Those of us with a conspiratorial bent may also remember him as the single mainstream media anchor willing to take on the idea of a North American Union and a North America-wide currency being positioned to take the place of the dollar. If anyone can name one besides Dobbs, do let me know.

His announcement may be found via CNN here.

Good luck, Lou, and I hope you figure out whatever it is you're trying to do. From one journalist to another, thank you. I'm not sure what the hell you're doing, exactly, but I'm here rooting for you to figure it out regardless. Whatever you do, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM FOX NEWS!

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cl5v5r said...

Yes, no Fox and maybe not a return trip to, huh, Lou?

Some of the best Jr posts are like this one - genuine, cute and in which you tell us how you got to where you are. Often, the takeaway is all about paying attention, being open to what's out there and THINKING.

Thanks for the peek at that little badass.