Information gladly given but safety requires avoiding unnecessary conversation. But Pics of Muni Crooks Will Do

Monday, November 23, 2009 , , 0 Comments

WC Varones has broken his Commuting Capitalist cherry and if you see weird shit out there in the world, take a picture of it and show me. If you'd like to contribute to CC, drop me a note. I won't even tell anyone else who you are when you snap covert pics of public transit misbehavior on your camera phone. (here's where the big wink goes)

Anyway. This isn't weird as much as illegal. And it's our job to front this guy off.

San Francisco Muni sets aside millions a year for injury claims, and I've been riding it long enough to know people get hurt all over the place. Drivers seem programmed with the sort of sadism that only comes out when the bus is packed like so much Monterey cannery fish and I've had to fill out more than one Muni accident report (the 19 Polk seems especially prone to these heading up the Polk St hills from the Wharf). But taking advantage of that fact is terminally not cool, so you're getting called out, spasmic fake Muni accident guy.

Paging Muni Diaries, what do you have to say about this?

WCV did say "I'll make you famous" so here we go. If anyone in San Francisco is paying attention (this means you, pretty boy, even though you're hiding out these days - I feel your pain, Gavin, I'm hiding out right now myself. Do what you have to do but fix this shit please and quick, people are getting stabbed), make sure Muni gets this. With cuts effective December 5th (who came up with the 20 Columbus anyway? Fuck it), we need all the cash we can get. I refuse to pay $5 a day to ride this shit.

Muni may be jacking up Fast Pass prices yet again (we're at $55 a month now) but who knows?

Why? Because of asshats like this guy. If you see him, kick him for all of us please. Or at least snitch on him to the Muni driver.

(Disclaimer: on some level I am trying to redeem myself for being the 20 year old brat riding for free on the back of Muni for years. I'm older and hopefully wiser now and owe it to Muni - fucked up as it is - to say thanks for dragging my drunk ass home night after night for the last 10 years. Thanks for getting me to work and extra thanks for letting me paperbag a Guinness with my boyfriend in the back - that's the non-tourist tour, Krupo can tell you about that - and being at least 90% awesome 85% of the time. I'm no mathlete, that's approximate.)

SFPD is not going to patrol the Muni, it's sort of up to us to self-regulate this piece of shit if we're the ones who have to ride it day in and day out. Just sayin.

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