A JDA PSA for the Fed: Because I Care

I've seen the Fed lose quite a few battles recently and I really don't want this to be a handicapped fight so I'm going to give them a bit of tactical advice and hope they listen. It's no fun if they're shooting themselves in the foot too often to be that worthy of an adversary. Shall we list the failures?




Dr Ron Paul.

Stephen Friedman.


A rogue divulging the secrets and talking about doomsday.

There are more, remind me if I've forgotten some that are just as important.

So this is what I propose, and it's probably better than whatever you guys think you've pieced together called an "exit strategy" (you can stop now):

Throw Geithner under the bus, NY Fed. He doesn't have your back either if it means advancing whatever the hell it is he's put there to do. We get it, you should too. America is coming for your ass eventually so it's better to get him out of the way now. AIG won't be going anywhere.

Start dividing up now. Look, Congress is coming after your asses and people are pissed, no one is forgetting this one. You don't have a PR machine big enough. Barney Frank is really interested in dismantling your regional structure for some reason and America is dumb enough to go along with it because they don't know any better. NY Fed gets off the hook, you all get the blame, and everyone has to pay for the fact that Janet Yellen is a moron. That's not fair, is it? So start picking sides and toss Frank a bone, that's the only way you can get him off your back (that was inadvertently filthy, sorry, I blame LOLFed).

Then it's every man for himself. Sometimes you've got to toss a sacrifice into the volcano, right?

For a time, I believed constantly hounding the Fed was a wonderful idea. But now I'm almost starting to feel bad, like this is getting too easy. So I really hope this helps.

We've got an entire dismal retail winter to get through, I need you in fighting shape.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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