San Francisco: Great to Visit, Not so Great as Home

Ok first of all, the fucking Examiner sucks. You guys in LA think you have it bad, my 6 year old can write better than this. I can write better than this drunk at 11p while tweeting and plotting my next attack against the Fed all at the same time so it's no wonder this paper is left free on doorsteps.

Anyway. SF Examiner:

A Muni station agent likely faces assault charges after witnesses say he threw a punch at a teenage girl over a fare dispute.

At around 4:10 p.m. Thursday, the juvenile girl and her sister, a young adult, approached the station agent in the Embarcadero Muni station and asked for a reduced rate, San Francisco police Sgt. Lyn Tomioka said.

The girl didn’t have identification to support her age claim, and she and the ticket agent got in an argument about it. Witnesses reported that the agent walked into his booth and the girl followed him, telling him to call the police. The discussion became more heated, and then the agent hit the girl in the mouth, witnesses told the police.

At some point, police say one or both of the girls threw a soda can at the ticket agent, but it’s unknown whether contact was made.

Eventually, the police arrived and detained everyone. The juvenile was sent to the hospital for the injury to her mouth; the ticket agent claimed to be injured, too, and was sent to another hospital. Tomioka said the inspector, who she could not yet identify, was likely to face an assault charge over the incident.

Police and Muni inspectors will be examining video taken by station cameras today to gather more information about the event, Tomioka said.

Oh snap, motherfuckers are really freaking out, aren't they?

The Commuting Capitalist tries to discharge that negative energy on the Internet instead of actually kicking people, or worse, stabbing, killing, or shooting. All in a week. Kids were stabbed in the Bay Area over Halloween as well, if you didn't hear that one. Anyway, trust me, I ride Muni every day, there isn't a single one that passes that doesn't make me want to cut somebody. Get over it. Make fun of people anonymously on the Internet, Christ.

Panzner said people would start acting weird. Hope you listened.

Oh and speaking of Muni, Muni Diaries gets it. And brings us the tale of Operation Safe Muni to keep those nasty non POP-having fare-cheats from riding for free. Great. So who is going to protect those of us who pay for our Fast Pass and still get on the back of the bus from Muni?

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Its all good baby!

W.C. Varones said...

I disagree. I loved living there.

Where else can you take a shit on the sidewalk in broad daylight?

Ubu said...

Halloween was fun on the MUNI; we bought transfer tickets from an enterprising junky and that saved me $3.

WC, Several years ago, while in SF, I came back to my car after a couple drinks, and someone had pooped on the hood. Anyone got a hose? Anyone?

As a buddy down in the Baja used to say, "The great thing about Mexico, is there is no rule of law; the bad thing about Mexico is there is no rule of law." The same might be said for SF

I rest my case.

I walk past a Tenderloin homeless shelter on my way home from the office every night. Nuff said.