Sri Lanka Likes Gold Too

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 , , 4 Comments


The International Monetary Fund said Wednesday that it has sold 10 metric tons of gold to Sri Lanka, the third customer to acquire a portion of its gold holdings.

Sri Lanka's central bank purchased the gold Monday, paying the equivalent of $375 million.

The IMF in September finalized a plan to sell 403.3 metric tons of gold—an amount equivalent to about one-eighth of its total holdings.

The IMF previously announced the sales of 200 metric tons of gold to India and 2 metric tons to Mauritius.

If I were Sri Lanka, I'd check those sons of bitches out to make sure they aren't bootleg.

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Jonny said...

Somebody needs to look in to the story of the gold that was stored in the vaults beneath the World Trade Center. In September 2001, Comex listed about a billion dollars worth of the stuff, yet Giulliani, in talking to the press about the recovery of the gold and other precious metals some weeks later only spoke about $200m worth.

Yeah, yeah... researching it might send someone perilously close to those MIHOP and LIHOP loonies but it's well worth some digging by someone with strong powers of deduction and analysis.


Are you volunteering a certain potty mouthed reporter for the job? ;)

So let me get this straight... are you saying the gold, much like the Enron records in WTC 7, just vanished?

I might have to get my extra-strength tin foil hat out for that one. Thanks for the tip, I'll see what I can dig up without being found swinging from a tree...


Jonny said...

Me? Volunteering some one else for some dirty work? I don't know how you could think such a thing.

But if someone (including a certain potty-mouthed but ace reporter) were to take it upon themselves to look in to this, I'd suggest Paul Thompson's extraordinary 9/11 timeline as a starting point...

I'm having a Thanksgiving beer, me. Far too busy for such matters.

Jonny said...

Oh, and yes. I am saying that there's reason to believe that quite a bit of the yellow shiny stuff went walkabout.