Terrorists Might Target Fedwire? Suuuure

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 , , 3 Comments



Mr. Chertoff said he expects al Qaeda to develop more cyber-attack skills that would allow them to attack infrastructure that is less well protected, perhaps in the transportation and energy sectors. "It's only a matter of time," he said. "They're getting the capability to do some damage."

These descriptions reinforced concerns that former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell raised publicly last month about the potential for a terrorist attack on the computer systems and data underpinning the U.S. financial sector.

"I am worried about some terrorist group [with] the capability to destroy the U.S. money supply," Mr. McConnell said. The impact of such an attack would be "an order of magnitude greater" than the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, he said.

At the Senate hearing, officials from the Homeland Security and Justice departments also told the panel that the country isn't fully prepared for a cyber-attack and current laws don't provide an adequate framework for the government to fend off such attacks.

"We do need to step up our defensive game," said Philip Reitinger, a Homeland Security deputy undersecretary in charge of cybersecurity. He said U.S. systems are attacked every day by criminals and other adversaries who steal money to fund terrorist or criminal activities, as well as valuable information.

Mr McConnell, I hate to break this to you but there is a terrorist outfit with the power to destroy the money supply, they're called the FOMC and you can find them near Constitution Ave in Washington a couple days out of nearly every month. You're welcome for the tip, just trying to be a good little patriot over here.

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I have been concerned about this for years. Suppose al'Queda had compromised Fedwire, would Zimbabwe Ben tell us, or deny it?



Or suppose Zimbabwe Ben found himself in over his head and needed a good Fedwire hack to make it appear as though those evil terrorists did it?

One never knows, do they?

malus Diaz said...

Best conspiracy theory ever!!!

What better way to unwind 600 Trillion in CDOs then to say: "Sorry Terrorists hacked the system, not our fault!"