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In honor of a day that I guess is meant more for showing gratitude than stuffing your face and watching the Packers kick the Lions' ass (burn), there are a few things I am thankful for that I figured I'd share with you all here because, well, we're sort of like a big cozy dysfunctional family, right?

Sorry to my non-US readers but I'm sitting today out. The news will be back on Monday I'm sure, it's not like things will suddenly resolve themselves between now and then.

So here's my thanks, in no particular order.

Firstly, I'm thankful for all those bloggers over there ----->

I'd look like an idiot doing this all by myself. I am thankful for their time and effort, their wisdom, their talents, and oftentimes their company. This can be a strange hobby to explain to people ("I'm a financial blogger who rides the Fed's ass all day" doesn't go over well at cocktail parties, you know) so I'm grateful to have a sense that we are not alone in this crazy adventure.

I'm thankful to be employed. See also: number one. If it weren't for my day job, I'd never really have ended up on the accounting fringes and I'd have missed out on most of this. Reporting on unemployment for a year now, it makes me all that much more thankful for what I have; not only do I still have a job, I have an amazing job. I love what I do and it inspires me to do a lot of what happens here on JDA - who wouldn't be thankful for that?

I'm thankful for Ben Bernanke and those ridiculous Fed asshats who keep feeding me material. Let's face it, I love messing with you guys and now that you're opening up your eyes and paying attention, it's even more entertaining. So thanks go out to all of you for being so insane and imploding our entire financial system. In a really backwards way, I appreciate that.

I'm thankful for my family - both blood and extended - and specifically for them not messing with me too much. Reports are this holiday thing is a pain in the ass, could have fooled me.

And lastly I guess I should point out that I am thankful to all of you (especially the horribly addicted ones) who show up here on Jr Deputy Accountant every day, who tell me I made sense of financial madness that had baffled you up until I explained it in F-word terms, who obsessively refresh from 6a until midnight (give or take a few hours) and who poke back to let me know what's going on locally where you are. I love you guys and you keep me constantly and eternally entertained. Even moreso than those Fed asshats.

So Happy Turkey Day, turkeys. You all better be sitting out the 3a shopping tomorrow or we're going to have to have a talk...

Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Thank you for all that you do.

Temo1051 said...

The JDA blog is one of the highlights of my day. Straight forward no nonsense talk in plain english. Keep it up.

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