Those in Glass Houses Shouldn't Seize Assets Belonging to Hostile Middle Eastern Nations

Friday, November 13, 2009 , , 0 Comments

Hey, OMGObama, listen, I know we have had our differences and I've called you an asshat once or twice but consider this my olive branch. Just like Skeptical CPA has offered to perform a Fed audit for you, I'm offering to serve as minister of foreign relations. And my first act as Minister (do I get a cool badge or something?) is to tell you this is a terrible idea.

I'm not sure if you know this but we are facing a crisis here at home. Your central bank Chairman - yeah, that guy with the grey beard and the sore arm that you gave a second term - is busy imploding the dollar and your Treasury Secretary gets laughed at by Chinese students and can't even formulate a sentence without markets heaving all over themselves. So going after Iranian assets at such a, um, delicate time may backfire and bad.

Just saying.


Federal prosecutors took steps to seize a range of assets belonging to a foundation they allege is a front for the Iranian government.

Some of the properties the U.S. wants to seize are rented to at least one mosque, an Islamic religious school and an Islamic community center.

The civil action is part of a nearly year-old case against Assa Corp., which prosecutors allege is a shell company that disguises an ownership interest in the properties by Iranian state-owned Bank Melli. The bank is subject to Treasury Department sanctions for allegedly financing Iran's nuclear-proliferation efforts.

The Alavi Foundation in New York City, which according to its Web site is a nonprofit devoted to promoting Islamic culture and charitable causes, owns a skyscraper with Assa.

Prosecutors amended a complaint against Assa on Thursday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan in an attempt to seize assets of the Alavi Foundation, which they allege is also a front for the Iranian government.

I allege that the Fed is also a front for the United States government, can we seize their assets too?

Only if we don't have to take their liabilities.

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