UC Students Take to the Streets to Protest Fee Hikes

Friday, November 20, 2009 , , 6 Comments

While Jr Deputy Accountant is sort of taking the day off (at least from all of this crap) to get ready for End the Fed on Sunday, there are riots in California right now. It's not angry Los Angeles this time, it's UC students and they are pissed.

I woke up to a biology professor being carried away in handcuffs this morning on Channel 2. That's all I'm going to say.

SF Gate

The UC regents are expected to put the final seal today on a hefty 32 percent tuition increase as students resume the protests that shut down their board meeting three times Wednesday and required campus police in riot gear to maintain calm.

Students, furious at the increase that will bring their yearly fees above $10,000 for the first time, rushed the UCLA building where the regents were meeting, throwing food, sticks and vinegar-soaked red bandannas meant to look like blood.

UC police arrested 14 people for disrupting the meeting and resisting arrest.

Wednesday's vote by the regents' finance committee was also protested at UC Berkeley, where about 1,000 students, faculty and university workers filled Sproul Plaza for a noontime rally. About 300 protesters turned out at UC Santa Cruz. The full board is to vote today.

Students at other campuses signed petitions or traveled to UCLA to oppose the fee increases and set up tents to camp out and carry on their protests today.

UC President Mark Yudof had recommended the undergraduate and graduate fee increases to help close a budget gap of $535 million this year - largely the result of reduced state funding and inflation. Yudof said UC has lost more than $1 billion in state funding since last year, leading the university to lay off some 2,000 employees, reduce faculty pay through furloughs and cut course offerings to students.

How is that "economic recovery" working out for everyone?

Go UC students! If you guys are still up to protest, there's always ETF on Sunday. Take back your fucking country already.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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wcv said...

Great couple of days!

First Congress tells the dirty Fed to bend over, and now we get to watch a bunch of spoiled, whiny, student leeches throwing a tantrum!

What's next, punch and pie for everyone?

OldSouth said...

Evidently, all these scholars skipped Econ 101 on the day 'Money does not grow on trees' was discussed.

john said...

to the ramparts! we will never pay our own way! cut unemployment benefits or disability payments...anything but making us pay more...

Ubu said...

Fire them all and ask if anyone else would like to attend a top tier college for 1/3 of what a private school costs.

Aside from the universities being one of the the biggest scams in the US (right up there with carbon offsets), a big part of the skyrocketing cost of college is that the students all want something for nothing; the list of what a college does and supports gets longer and longer every year, more costly departments, more staff, more, bigger, larger. And the idiot taxpayer was tagged to subsidize all of it, otherwise you were against education. Well, now the idiot taxpayer is busted, and no one is hiring Wimmin's Studies majors, sociology grads, and La Raza activists at this time.

Hell, 2/3rd of the degrees issued from UCLA are close to useless; unless UCLA funds another dubious "Studies" dept, none of those grads are employable.

The only thing those spoiled, smug, narcissistic assholes want is for me to pay for them to write post-modern bullshit indefinitely (boring crap that even their own professors can't bear to read). and hang out at coffeehouses. Fuck off, hippie, unless you can tear down a 16 foot digital printer, and redesign the pressure system. I have no practical use for you, and neither does the economy for another decade or two. Go write your victim manifesto from the basement of your parents house; you know, your parents, the people who gave you everything while you sneered at them.

Note to hard and natural science students at UCLA: don't sweat it, you can pay back that note in 3 years, easy; it's still one of the best deals in the country, too bad you have to subsidize the chattering departments; maybe you could break away and form UCLA Tech?

Anonymous said...

about bloody time. the government cannot afford to hide the true cost of services anymore. i bet the true cost of tuition and fees is really closer to 25k or more. get used to it, people. taxes and fees are going up. the right wants the government to run like a business....well this is what you're gonna get.

libhom said...

The budget cuts behind the fee increases easily could be avoided by the state. Just make the rich pay a little bit closer to their fair share in taxes. It's long overdue.