Via Going Concern: Buy Nothing Day! (You Can't Afford it Anyway)

Monday, November 23, 2009 , , 0 Comments

If you’re trying to squeeze in one last section of the CPA exam before December hits, you’ve got four days – a handful more if you’re not running off to see family for Thanksgiving. Are you working through the holiday?

Instead of running off to the store to spend money that you don’t have in the name of “economic recovery”, how about “Buy Nothing Day”?

“We’re asking tens of millions of people around the world to bring the capitalist consumption machine to a grinding — if only momentary — halt,” reads the manifesto. “Advertised” as an international event intended to stop the rape and pillage of the planet in the name of consumption (or something like that), it doesn’t stop with avoiding the Friday after Thanksgiving sales.

We want you to not only stop buying for 24 hours, but to shut off your lights, televisions and other nonessential appliances. We want you to park your car, turn off your phones and log off of your computer for the day.

This particular capitalist wouldn’t do well without her BlackBerry and her credit card for a full day, it’s one or the other, with the credit card much easier to keep in my pocket than the device. But whatever.

Read the rest over at Going Concern. And put that credit card on ice, it's looking a bit bruised these days...

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