All the Taxinator Wants for Christmas is a Bailout from Obama

No seriously, that's what he asked for.


California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, anticipating a $21 billion state budget deficit, plans to ask President Barack Obama to ease mandates and minimums on social programs to save as much as $8 billion.

The Republican governor plans to seek the relief, according to a California official who asked not to be identified because details haven’t been resolved. Instead of seeking one-time stimulus money or a bailout, the most-populous U.S. state wants the federal government to reduce mandates and waive rules stipulating expenditures on programs such as indigent health care, the official said.

California is among states most affected by the economic recession. It has the lowest credit rating and recorded the nation’s second-highest rate of home foreclosures, trailing only Nevada. Unemployment peaked at 12.5 percent in October amid the loss of 687,700 jobs from the year before, when the jobless figure was 8 percent. Wealth declined as the stock market lost 40 percent of its value in 2008.

“I’ve seen the reports that Governor Schwarzenegger was specifically looking for aid and it’s something that obviously folks at the White House are taking a look at,” White House spokesman Bill Burton said. He commented to reporters on Air Force One today as the president and his family flew to Hawaii for Christmas vacation.

See? And all I want to do is End the Fed, this asshat is talking about "save me, Obama!"

OMGObama! Don't do it!

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