Ben Bernanke's Milton Friedman Moment... via Hong Kong

Sunday, December 27, 2009 , , , 0 Comments

Krupo informs me that my boy Bernanke is global, yo. So what, he's big with overworked bankers in Hong Kong, my boss is big in Japan so suck it.

Did Ben Bernanke ever dream about this? Did he kiss a picture of Milton Friedman that he kept stashed under his pillow? (Don't trip, ZB, I had a Jeffrey Lacker moment once, I know how it is) Rub his weird stubby fingers together plotting for the day he'd be in the newspapers for his incredible knowledge of the Great Depression?

LMFAO, nahhhh, not ZB. That fucker hates every second of this attention. Personally I love when I show up in the Netherlands on pages I can't read so maybe I need to demand a birthday recount, he's diverging from the blueprint.

Thanks for thinking of me, Krupo. I think.

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