Don't Trip, People, Forbes Says the Unemployment "Turning Point" is Near

Friday, December 04, 2009 , , 2 Comments

We're saved because Forbes says we're saved. Bah. Has this ever been a legitimate media delivery vehicle?


As President Barack Obama huddled with a group of CEOs, unionists, academics, government officials and small business leaders at the White House for a jobs summit, observers pointed to growing evidence that the job market is slowly but surely approaching the corner.

The freshest data suggest the labor market is still worsening, but much less quickly.

This week's most-watched report, the November unemployment rate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, will be released Friday. The consensus estimate of economists in a Bloomberg survey is that the unemployment rate will stay at the 10.2% level it hit last month. In October, the economy shed 190,000 jobs. Economists project the monthly toll will shrink to 125,000 for November.

And? Put your money where your mouth is, Forbes.

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cjn said...

What Teve Torbes doesn't mention is that around that "corner" is a brick wall that reaches for the sky. What rubbish.

cjn said...

And because you and I love the MSM so much, you should know that I just told Crain's Chicago that they basically suck: