The First Annual Jr Deputy Accountant Year in Review Awards (or Some Sh*t)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 5 Comments

Of course, Dan Lacey (the "Obama Unicorn" guy)
wins for Most Bizarre (and Somehow Fascinating) Art

There are no prizes unless you count my eternal love, affection, respect, and maybe admiration a prize. Next year there might be a big fake check with lots of zeros. Inflation and all...

Anyway. Without any further commentary, I present the 1st Annual JDA YIR Awards (whatever, I'll come up with a better title next year, I'm trying to close out my company's year on one hell of a highnote, you lazy ungrateful bastards):

Our friend from the Great White North A Counting School wins Post Title of the Year for "Crispy Whitebait with Peanuts". JDA isn't sure what that is but it involves Ben Bernanke and sounds totally delicious (go figure).

In the category of Best Regulatory Photoshop, we've got to give it to WC Varones on "Giant Vampire Squid Attacks SEC". That vampire squid never gets old, especially when Meaghan Cheung is the one getting jabbed by its money-hungry blood funnel.

For Greatest F&%^ing Shit We Ever Saw, The Reformed Broker wins for the "Periodic Table of Finance Bloggers". JDA swears voting was not biased just because she's on the list.

I have to hand it to Financial Armageddon, no one did Calling Hank Paulson Either a Liar or a Moron he did in "Cunning Realist Does it Again". Way to keep it classy, Michael, that's what I like about you. Skeptical CPA comes in a close second with "Towne on Gold", though "overpaid fool" wasn't quite "moron" for this award's purposes.

It's not exclusive to 2009 but LOLFed wins hands down for Best Category on a Financial Website with "bitchfights". JDA almost voted for her own "asshats" but thought that might be cheating.

And for Best Special Character Freak Out, Market Ticker pwns in "Barney Frank: Shut the F$%k Up". Seriously. I say the F word all the time and even I was taken aback by KD's awesomely edited outburst.

In Best Proof of Zimbabwe Ben in the Nut Vice, Skeptical CPA tells us a story of clients who all the sudden care about the dirty Fed in "Yves Smith Smacks Stress Tests".

Best New Blog goes to Going Concern because Caleb gets some really lame trolls, many of whom reeked of DB in the beginning. Accounting is still boring and he's still at it. Unfortunately so are the senior trolls.

For Most Depressing Use of "Waterboarding", JDA humbly tips her hat to Not One Cent for "Cash for Clunkers Hurts Poor, Sick, Unemployed, Consumer, Saver, Taxpayer, Environment, Charities, Recovery, Public Safety: Obama Waterboards Economy"

Most Appropriate Use of Diabolical Laughter in an anti-Fed Post goes, naturally, to the Mogambo Guru in "Taking Liberties with Price Stability" By a landslide.

There were, of course, many moments of joy and wonder and uncontrollable LOLing but these stuck with me as the best of the best. And it seemed nicer than just jerking myself off.

Update: from Eye on Washington, we have a bonus entry for Best Print Media (excellent idea) that has got to go to Matt Taibbi for his Goldman Sachs-bashing Rolling Stone piece "Inside the Great American Bubble Machine" that shall live forever in infamy. Congrats, Matt!

Jr Deputy Accountant

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carlandjerry said...

Great reviews!! What about best print media award? I nominate Matt Taibbi and his calling out Goldman Sachs for being the senior financial crime syndicate boss leading our government leaders and field marshals along by the nose, and being a traitorous corporation.

Next, the best blogger opinion piece goes to Professor Drew Westen's piece about Obama's cowardice, as he reviews Obama's first year.

Thank you to Jr Deputy Accountant for connecting to your site, and showing interest.

Happy New Year to you Jr., jerry

Dan Lacey said...

I am honored.

cjn said...

I'll take backhanded compliments all day long.


Fuck yes, I'll add that and give you credit :)

I have to admit, your art freaks me the hell out sometimes but you've got real talent and it's good to freak people out ;) Keep it up.


You know you like it. *fap*!


Krupo said...

I feel honoured as well - a feeling of what best described by the spam word verification keyword of the day "enjocie".

It's like a superior form of joy.