Google Punishes Yelp for Letting the News Slip

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 , , 2 Comments

So it turns out Google doesn't appreciate getting their business spread all over the Internet. Oh the irony.

Business Insider:

Sometimes, when people agree to keep negotiations confidential, they actually keep them confidential. And, sometimes, the party that doesn't leak takes the leaks personally...and cuts off the negotiations.

A few days ago, when someone cut off the Google-Yelp negotiations, the Yelp camp quickly got to work, spinning the decision to end the talks as a Yelp decision.

This provoked an unusual response from the Google camp, in the form of an article in the New York Times suggesting that Google, not Yelp, had cut off the talks. Today, a source familiar with Google's thinking confirmed to us that Google walked because "Google is determined not to have deals negotiated through the press."

I'm pretty sure the funny part about this is that Yelp itself survives on the symbiotic relationship between attention whores and rumor (and here you thought it was just about restaurant reviews).

Good shooting yourselves in the foot, Yelp. Told you you were screwed and now no one will want your big mouth asses.

See JDA's previous posts on the failed Yelp/Google deal (doomed from the gate *cough*) here, here, and here.

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Me said...

I wonder will this make the google search engines drop the Yelp results to the 10th page now?
Turnabout is fair play.
I still think it's HILARIOUS that Yelp walked away from it..I think it's the ballsiest business move I have seen in a while and it makes me want to wax Jeremy's eyebrow and sit on his face.


I would fucking pay to see that.

But Yelp didn't walk away, Google told them to fuck off because they spread the news before Google wanted to make it official.

I almost lost a writing gig that way. Yelp needs to watch its big fucking mouth. THAT part is hilarious!

Ok so this Jeremy thing you are planning... pics or it didn't happen.