Guest Post at Themes4BB: The Curious Case of a Windows Mobile Convert

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 , , 1 Comments

@Themes4BB, a friend of mine through our shared accounting industry connection, asked me the other day to do a guest post on my conversion from Windows Mobile to BlackBerry. Of course I obliged, it's just the right thing to do.

Oh and if anyone can decode my new tattoo, I'd love to hear your guesses. Sure, I'm a hardcore BB fan for life as of October but that's not quite it. Come on kids, keep up.

Anyway. Part of my post is provided here for JDA stalkers' reading pleasure. For the rest, you'll just have to head over to Themes4BB:

Accounting. I don’t do it (thank God), I just write about it. I also get to train CPAs to pass the CPA exam which is pretty awesome but also requires I be connected at strange hours of the day. Especially the final week of November before the December blackout when everyone is trying to jam in one more exam. This year, for the first time since 2007, I experienced our ridiculously busy season on a BlackBerry.

My former Windows Mobile phone (a Motorola Q9m with a thousand scratches, dents, and 17 master resets to its name) did the job two years in a row because I was scared into believing Exchange wouldn’t play well with BlackBerry if our company didn’t have the right servers. Whatever, I’m not technical, I just believed that as temperamental as Microsoft products were, once you got them working correctly (especially together) the belief was it was dangerous to tempt fate and make a huge jump into someone else’s technology.

What a load.

In October, after that 17th reset, I decided I was due for an upgrade. I annoyed a colleague with a BlackBerry a handful of times and asked stupid questions with the Verizon window open on my desktop. "Are you sure it will work…?" "Sure?!"

I’d fallen in love with the 9630 by then. Look at me, speaking in BB code. Conversion problems? Oh please, it has been divine.

Like I said, for more on my divine conversion to BlackBerry, check out the article. And for the raddest BlackBerry themes, no one beats Themes4BB (I don't say that because I'm biased about that whole accounting thing I swear).

Full disclosure: Jr Deputy Accountant holds a little bit of $RIMM with a dash of $VZ as a loyal Verizon customer 4 years running.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Al said...

Why do you think the Windows phones have not been particularly successful, ex the Nokia Lumia in Europe?