Instead of a Newspaper Bailout, Just Give it to Google. Nice and Slow.

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Not quite sure who Pinky & Perky are
but they're rad and they beat newspaper bailout morons

Hey newspaper bailout asshats, did you know you can actually make money by playing Google instead of avoiding it?

Sure, at first you feel like some cheap wwwhore but after awhile, you realize that your pimp treats you nicely as long as you rank in the top 10 for his motherfucking keywords, bitch.

Just sayin.


Google Inc. on Wednesday made it easier for news outlets to remove content from its Google News property but keep it accessible through its main search engine, the latest concession the search giant is making to publishers who want more control over their articles.

The move, which will let publishers block their content from Google News automatically by adding code to their Web sites instead of by contacting Google through an online form, comes on the heels of Tuesday's announcement that Google will allow publishers to set a daily limit on the number of articles users can read for free through its search engine.

For several years, Google has allowed publishers to make individual articles that are behind a pay wall free through Google, through a service called "First Click Free." Previously, users could access an unlimited number of stories this way. Now, it will allow publishers to impose a cap of five free stories a day while continuing to allow them to grant access to more.

Dean Singleton, vice chairman and chief executive of MediaNews Group Inc., one of the largest newspaper companies in the U.S. in terms of circulation, called Tuesday's announcement "a good faith move."

"It's a signal that they're willing to work with the industry," said Mr. Singleton, whose company operates 54 daily newspapers in 11 states. "It may or may not be a shallow signal, but I take it as a positive move on their part."

Again, what do you want them to do? You can be afraid of Google and bitch about them taking your content or you can get your ass filthy in some analytics, realize what the Google wants and give it up like the cheap little wwwhore you are. What else are you going to do? Bing might leave you a $20 gift card on the nightstand when you're done giving it good content, good luck with that.

Whine, bitch, moan.

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