Meet OMGObama's New Cybersecurity Hack

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 , , 0 Comments


Seven months after President Obama vowed to "personally select" an adviser to orchestrate the government's strategy for protecting computer systems, the White House will name a former Bush administration official to the job Tuesday.

Howard A. Schmidt, who was a cyber-adviser in President George W. Bush's White House, will be Obama's new cybersecurity coordinator, an administration official said Monday night.

Schmidt declined to comment.

The mission is challenging: to coordinate cybersecurity policy across the federal government, from the military to civilian agencies. Schmidt's appointment comes as the Pentagon launches a major new "cyber-command" unit up and running and the Department of Homeland Security works to improve protection of civilian networks.

I have covered cybersecurity in detail more than once and as a girl who once microwaved her RFID-equipped passport, you can guess how I feel about the whole thing without reading a word of my previous posts on the subject. *ZAP*

(wait, is that illegal? Fuck, I think I hear the helicopters again. Just kidding, DoJ, I would *never* do that. It's a persona, you asshats. *COUGH*)

Try this. Or this. Or this. I think you get the point.

Duck. Duck and cover your Google otherwise you're going to feel an uncomfortable sucking sensation from behind and it probably will not feel all that great.

Just sayin.

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