Muni Cuts: Which One Hurts the Most?

Sunday, December 06, 2009 , , 2 Comments

Muni Diaries asks what's the most painful Muni cut of December 5th. I say the 7 Haight not because I ever ride it but because that was the first Muni I rode on when I got to San Francisco. Awww, I was a baby with no Muni legs.

The 20 Columbus went by my office and I think I rode it once. RIP.

Everything is fine. Yeah ok, I'll let you know if the 38 Geary cuts (they put new recordings in buses about the service reductions on affected lines) hurt.

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David said...

They increased service on the 5 Fulton! Score!

weak. I mean, congratulations.

The 19 Polk is getting its hours cut but I believe the 38 is supposed to have more buses so that's a win.

so how often does the 5 Fulton run now? Every 45 minutes? Twice a day?