Page Me When the Dollar is Dying Again and WTF Happened to Accounting Numbers?!

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(Disclaimer: I may have gold but I haven't had a pager since 1997. BB messenger, motherfucker. My thumb is on fire but damn I love this thing.)

I love that the dollar makes its best move in months over these unemployment numbers. Meanwhile, I'm not sure about everyone else but I'm stumped by the accounting unemployment numbers.

Last month, CPA Trendlines reported that accounting gained 3800 jobs in October.

Rick Telberg tells us today that accounting lost 4400 jobs in November:

In the strongest jobs report since the recession began, the government reported today that the nation had practically staunched its jobs hemorrhaging, months ahead of anticipation.

The Labor Department reported 11,000 jobs jobs lost in November, driving the unemployment rate down to 10%, from 10.2% in October.

In the Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Sector, the job loss was 4,400, declining from a workforce of 935,000 in October, to 931,000 in November, on a seasonally adjusted basis.

From a professional standpoint, working with mostly college grads and new hires myself, I can't say I noticed a difference. What's strange is that the news sent the dollar soaring and suddenly the industry that boasts "a 12 month lag" behind the recession found itself with the dismal numbers. Huh?

Mind you, November is the same month that CNN publishes the Big 87654 jerk off piece about how excellent accounting is with the CEOs jerking themselves off about a great year despite the recession. I still don't know a single person in the industry who believed that, if you could find one for me that'd be awesome. Bookkeepers, payroll professionals, QuickBooks ninjas, I don't give a shit, speak up. Does anyone buy this?

From what I saw, both sets of numbers caused skepticism. So what is really going on out there? I have qualified students who have completed all four parts of the CPA exam and still can't find a job, so you tell me what's up. They can't get licensed without the experience requirement and unless the Big 87654 on down get real about what's happening here, we can't resolve the situation.

I see a traffic jam of potential CPAs on the horizon. But maybe I'm wrong, it's not like I see the future of the industry every single working day of my life or anything.

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