SF Weekly: SFPD Use Their Prerogative, Arrest Bobby Brown in Muni Stabbing Case.

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I want one of these in my room

Damn you, SF Weekly, you beat me to the joke.

The Muni stabber has been apprehended (thankfully, ride safe out there you nasty motherfuckers) and - no joke - his name is Bobby Brown.

SF Weekly:

This must be big, because Mayor Gavin Newsom was quoted in the press release -- and he's in India.

San Francisco Police today arrested a suspect in the Nov. 30 J-Church stabbing stabbing of a sleeping woman. Alert Taraval Station officers this morning noticed Bobby Brown, who matched the description of the knife-wielding man giving the city nightmares -- an interesting notion as "strong body odor" was one of the characteristics of that man.

Brown, 30, incidentally, was one of the usual suspects detained in the much-publicized stabbing of an 11-year-old boy on Sept. 1. The boy was unable to finger Brown, who was booked at the time on an outstanding warrant for indecent exposure.

This is where I live, people, I seriously hope you enjoy the fucking GG Bridge but I have to step over this crap every single day. Remember that.

Anyway. I feel completely safe... until they jack up the price on January 1st. What's next? A $10 BART trip to SFO?

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