Tis the Season, B&^*@es!

Friday, December 25, 2009 0 Comments

... for JDA to do a little rubbing, that is.

Something about the holiday gets a girl feeling extra squishy, extra grateful to all of the folks who've made this year more interesting, who provide me with useful information and who sometimes blow me away with their perspective, wit, and/or pure unadulterated awesomeness.

There's no way I can top The Reformed Broker's Periodic Table of Finance Bloggers (on which Jr Deputy Accountant is listed as a "rogue" element among favorites like Re: The Auditors and LOLFed) so I won't even try.

Commence to rubbing!

First of all, Santa would leave coal in my stocking if I didn't list the following sites whose owners have not only impressed me with their insight but also put up with my drunken emailing at midnight and keep me constantly entertained. If you aren't reading each of these sites daily, you're truly missing out.

Skeptical CPA
WC Varones
Financial Armageddon
Market Ticker
Mortgaged Future (no longer frequently updated but still updated)
Exuberant Accountant

Now that I got the boys out of the way, here are a few more favorites that I don't often talk about nor link to but am constantly checking in with for must-have market news (in no particular order), each useful in their own special way:

FOFOA excellent, especially for the gold foil hat set with an incredibly active audience (gotta love those gold kids)
Prudent Speculation is pretty much the single "technical" blog I read consistently. If I wasn't $FAZ adverse, I'd probably read obsessively. As is I'm addicted.
The Center Lane TCL doesn't play around when it comes to well-thought-out musings on the state of our economy from a policy perspective
Mandelman Matters Martin is filthier than he appears and JDA fully endorses that. Consider him the less caffeinated, PG-13 version of me but better
Paper Economy does charts like no one does
Prudent Investor is my "man on the street" from Austria for European economy and gold/silver news
The Maestro's Rep makes me look like a cozy little Fed-lover
The Mortgage Lender Implode-o-Meter I don't just say that because they let me write over there, I love this site if for no other reason than it being fun to watch the dominoes go boom, boom, boom. (Mortgage lenders imploding not your thing? How about hedge funds? Banks?)
darkcloud is an excellent aggregator of relevant economy/financial blogs + commentary
last but not least, Daily Reckoning is hands down my favorite source for doom and gloom. Or reality. Depending on how you look at it.

And for an honorable mention (since it isn't really market news), I have to throw in Accounting Nation. Just because I know how hard it is to make accounting interesting and I'll be damned if Robert doesn't make it fucking hilarious.

Merry f^%&ing Christmas, kids, I love all of you.

For more awesomeness, uh, I believe there is a list over there ----->

Click away, I have presents to tear open...

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