Via The Reformed Broker: WTF *Did* We Learn in 2009?

Thursday, December 31, 2009 0 Comments

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The Reformed Broker found a whole bunch of amazing financial bloggers to answer one question and then put their answers on TRB. So... what did we learn in 2009?

Let him tell you.

I had a lot of answers, most of which would end up being cryptic, vague, and probably trying too hard to be clever. So I stuck with what I knew, or at least found out this year. Unfortunately, placing "I Has a Sad" over Chuck Plosser's picture doesn't have the same reaction, at least not yet. There's always 2010.

I also learned in reading this list that a whole shit ton of us need to learn how to unplug and enjoy the potential for downtime that the end of the year brings. Yours truly included, even though I just returned from an unplugging. It's all good. Unplug some more. It'll still be fucked up when you plug back in, trust me.

JDA was thrilled to be included on this list with some of my favorites from the financial blogosphere. (bonus points to Howard Lindzon for getting in the Fed's Ponzi scheme in capital FED)

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