Who Wants Overstock's Horrible Financials? KPMG!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 , , , 3 Comments

Going Concern broke it Re: the Auditors' Francine McKenna broke it and I'm still stunned. I apologize to all of the 38 Geary riders who had to hear me loudly bitching into my BlackBerry at Caleb on the way home from work tonight (and also Caleb's dad for trying to figure out where the fuck KPMG is in Chicago). It's not his fault. Of course as soon as I heard KPMG would be taking on Overstock's really really frightening financials, the first person I thought to call (after Caleb) was Sam Antar. I can't wait to read his reaction on the news.


Fucking KPMG. Come on, you can do better than this.

KPMG Rolls the Dice, Will be the Next Auditor of Overstock.com (GC):

But you already knew that was going to be the case. Back when we asked you to vote on which firm would be the next firm fired engaged by Overstock, over 42% of you said it would be KPMG.

This news comes despite reservations expressed by at least one reader who, at the time, had this comment:

I for one think it is sad that such a high percentage of survey responders think KPMG will pick up OSTK. I hope from a public opinion and liability standpoint that KPMG will resist the urge to add yet another high risk client to its listing and cause further damage its reputation.

Sorry, dear reader but apparently the high profile cat fight between the company and Grant Thornton wasn’t enough to scare KPMG off. Not even the very public revelation of Patsy’s creepy-ass stalking of Overstock critics in the financial media and blogosphere caused the KPMG partners in SLC to turn this client down.

Come on, Skeptical CPA, surely you have something to add to this enlightening conversation?

KPMG just sold its own ass up the river. Anyone else care to place bets for 2010 now?

I think we all know who will remain of the Big 86754...3?

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Tweeted at 8:25 Central. Caleb is always nipping at my heels, but... I love you both, but can't beat me..... :)

I like your unconventional streak, but going upriver was supposed to be a good thing...it was getting sold down the river that made a po' boy quake.


Damn me! I will have to correct that. Should have known ;)


up, down, sideways, it's all the same thing, right? :)