You Can't Fake a Good £. Trust Me.

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This story is only tangentially appropriate for me to cover but wtf, how did you expect me to pass this up? I'm on a roll after Jim Bunning and you can pretty much expect this out of me for the next 10 or so days. Rock it out, bitches, I get fucking excited when Bernanke gets his ass handed to him, okay?!

Give me a few more days and you might have to change your JDA subscription from your work e-mail (yeah, what are you guys doing? Gmail, hello, I know who you are) to gmail if I keep this up.


Thousands of pounds worth of fake £1 coins were uncovered at a counterfeiting factory during a raid on a farm in Kent, a court has heard.

The coin-making paraphernalia was found hidden in a concealed room behind wooden panelling at Tonge Corner Farm, Tonge, near Sittingbourne on 13 May.

Michael Silk, 70, of Iwade, Kent and Paul Bart, 65, of Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire deny making fake coins.

Mr Silk's son Stephen, 49, of Borden, Kent, has pleaded guilty to the charge.

Maidstone Crown Court was told on Friday that brothers-in-law Michael Silk and Mr Bart also deny having counterfeiting materials, including a hydraulic machine press, and possessing counterfeit coins with a view to distributing them as genuine.

Stephen Silk has admitted having counterfeiting materials.

Meanwhile and in totally related news while we're talking counterfeit money, has anyone seen a 24 hour Walgreens that carries the right ink for Ben Bernanke's printer?

Do we have any other Congressmen around who could maybe cuss out Bernanke for me? Pleeeeease? For my birthday?

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