Bank of America is Still Getting Slapped Around in Court

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Strangely, a Google Image search for
"f%^k Bank of America"
yields few results. So this is what you get. Sorry.

Alternate title: Bank of America's got 99 Problems but Ken Lewis Ain't One (a new doomsaying CEO isn't going to make this go away)


Judge Jed S. Rakoff is at it again. In his latest salvo in Bank of America's civil trial with the SEC over the Merrill Lynch bonus scandal, Judge Rakoff blasted the bank's attempts to use news reports as evidence at trial.

Apparently Judge Rakoff also likes to dance. They have video.

Anyway, either Rakoff is saying news isn't fact (uhhh... I'm not saying anything) or Bank of America is not allowed to take the bitch way out and say this story was over-publicized and therefore doomed from the start. Well gee, who needed Hank Paulson to shake his creepy ass pinky at Congress and demand TARP money for "toxic assets" (which are still MIA - the WMDs of the financial crisis, I suppose) that was later used to cover banks' shitty bets? It wasn't the media and it wasn't pissed off America so that leaves...

Bank of America never had a chance and Rakoff is pissed. Rightfully so. Go, go, go, motherfucker, it's time for payback. Um, after the trial, that is.

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