Cheaper Unlimited Data and Voice for an Already Overworked Network?

Friday, January 15, 2010 0 Comments

I guess iPhone owners are supposed to get excited (I'd pffft but our company web designer has one and he's awesome so I have to give them a pass) now that AT&T is engaging in a "price war" with Verizon.

If I've learned anything in the 3 years I've burned through three smartphones on Verizon it's that coverage matters too. What good is unlimited data if you have no bars to access it?

Price points are one thing but AT&T might have just screwed itself. It is already trying to limit iPhone usage in New York and San Francisco because we're all a bunch of anti-social nerds sucking up bandwidth. So? My BlackBerry eats up way too much of it but Verizon never disappoints (except in elevators, which somehow AT&T seems to have the cornered the market on) so I'll continue to pay what my service is worth. Nice try.


Verizon Wireless on Friday cut the prices of its unlimited talk and text plans, so arch-rival AT&T immediately followed suit. And that benefits iPhone customers, who can now opt for an unlimited voice and data plan that costs $30 less per month.

Previously, iPhone users paid $100 per month for unlimited voice plan plus another $30 for unlimited data. Starting Monday, however, AT&T is charging $100 a month for unlimited voice and data. Family Talk plans feature unlimited voice and data for $180 (assuming two iPhones). Texting prices remain unchanged, at $20 for unlimited plans and $30 for Family Talk Plans.

More than iPhone users will try to take advantage of the price cut, causing additional strain on the already weak network. Smart move, AT&T. I'll be UberTwittering about what a douche you are on the Muni while you're trying to coax some bars out of the air. Good luck with that.

Speaking of hipsters, this is the best description I have seen in a long time and I finally get what PBR is all about. At least I don't have a fixy. So what, it's cheap.

How do you know you're a San Francisco hipster?

"When you’re not busy listening to music that used to be cool but isn’t anymore but now is and won’t be by the next time you go crate digging, you’re probably getting drunk off PBR and doing real drugs because weed is so 90’s. When it’s time to eat, you hop onto your neon fixed gear bike and look for the cheapest vegetarian cafe and go there to just stand outside to smoke cigarettes. After smoking and not eating, you and your posse park your bikes in front of Ritual Coffee Roasters in the Mission, and hang out there writing in your Moleskine notebook and discuss things that are “post-modern.”"

So much win, I hate Ritual. But hanging my head in shame right now. Again, at least I don't have an iPhone.

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