Desperate Tramp Embezzles to Cover Her Wedding

Wednesday, January 06, 2010 , , 2 Comments

Going Concern (by way of the Telegraph in Accountant stole £470,000 for wedding and luxury life):

Enter Joanne Kent, a 26 year old accountant who embezzled £470,000 from her employer. £50,000 went to bank roll her wedding, including £37,134 for the cliff-top hotel. That didn’t include the cost of the flowers, cars, and fireworks on the beach (all crucial).

And she would have gotten away with it had she not produced an American invoice that was in pounds rather than dollars. The poor girl was sentenced to two years for her little stunt and will likely have to pay the loot back. What’s not clear is if the guests will be demanding their gifts back.

Pathetic. Stupid whores. She must have been too excited about the invitations to audit her own work.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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pudenda shenanigans said...

I agree but too bad the other thieves and embezzlers of the past two+ years haven't also been given jail sentences and been ordered to pay back their stolen loot.

Oh, PS, you must mean Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner, Bush, Obama, Dodd, Frank, Blankfein, Kohn, Pelosi... Who did I miss? It's a long fucking list and it's late. =/

As I always say, indictments or it didn't happen. And those guys' crimes make this idiot's paltry theft seem like a child stealing a single cookie from the cookie jar.