The Governator's Big Budget Plan: A Federal Bailout, of Course

Darnit! Dicked again!

What does Schwarzenegger care? He's out of there. Hasta la vista, bitches, the check's in the mail.

Or not.


California lawmakers and analysts are challenging Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's days-old budget proposal, which relies on billions of dollars in emergency federal aid.

A report released Tuesday by the state's nonpartisan legislative analyst said the Republican governor's spending plan, which would close a $20 billion budget shortfall over 18 months, is built on risky assumptions -- including agreement by Washington to rescue the state.

"While the odds seem favorable for some federal relief sought by the administration," the report said, "we believe that the likelihood of Washington agreeing to all of the governor's requests is almost nonexistent."

The report also said Mr. Schwarzenegger's proposal, which envisions spending $82.9 billion in the 2010-11 fiscal year, is built on optimistic revenue and spending estimates.

I would make further snarky commentary on this but I'm giving up. I'll be packing my shit if anyone needs me, see you bitches in Nicaragua.

(really though I swear it's cool, we're falling into the ocean anyway. So who gives a rat's ass about a balanced budget? I guarantee you the lawmakers of Atlantis didn't bother in the months leading up to the city getting swallowed up by the sea. Wooooo!)

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OldSouth said...

Does the Governator care to explain why states like North Dakota and Oklahoma and Tennessee, who balance their yearly budgets, and maintain healthy cash reserves, should be forced by the taxation of their citizenry to bail California's scury arse out?

If I were AG of a solvent state, I'd be at the Federal courthouse seeking an injunction tomorrow when the doors open, by golly.

that's because you, OS, are a smart motherfucker and possess just the sort of testicular fortitude an AG should have.

Unfortunately, we are run by a bunch of ball-less, brainless, nerveless idiots who will totally allow this.

Perhaps because they know it's only a matter of time before they too start running to the great government teat for their share. Here's to hoping there's a drop or two left at that point.

See you in Central America!!