"Higher Education" vs the Criminal Justice System: California's Big "Choice"

God, is it over yet? Someone wake me up when this guy is gone. (and please tell me we upgraded from pine box when we stuffed the State of California in that casket above)


With his state strapped and his legacy looming, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed on Wednesday to greatly reduce the amount of money California spends on its prisons and to funnel that sum to the state’s higher education system instead.

The governor said he would also push for a constitutional amendment prohibiting the percentage of the state budget earmarked for prisons from exceeding what is set aside for its public university system.

“Choosing universities over prisons,” Mr. Schwarzenegger said in his final annual address to the Legislature. “This is a historic and transforming realignment of California’s priorities.”

The state's "higher education" system eh? The one that pumps out accounting students unprepared for the CPA exam, not to mention the basics of life including talking on the phone and filling out simple online forms (I'm not bitter or anything)? That one? Just making sure we're talking about the same "higher education" here. When your "lower education" is remedial, I guess it makes sense that college might be little more than coloring books so I'll let that one go for another day.

Also, has anyone informed this genius that we can actually afford neither? It's not about one or the other, it's about Oh shit we can't pay any of it! OMG!

Like I said, wake me up when it's over, I'm all Governator'd out.

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W.C. Varones said...

Yeah, got to churn out more graduates like this.

Like that guy's not going to be holding up a 7-11 in a couple years.

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