Joining with Skeptical CPA to Say STFU to SEC Chief Accountant James Kroeker

Monday, January 18, 2010 , , , 0 Comments

Plato described a self-eating,
circular being as the first living thing in the universe
an immortal, perfectly constructed animal.

I'm cool with this.

James Kroker, Shut Up:

What crap Kroker, "former" D&T partner. See my 12 June 2009 post; CPAs don't need Kroker to remind them of US v Arthur Young, 465 US 805 (1984), or AICPA ethics section 53. Kroker, did you aim this speech at investors? Or did you remind your "former" partners of their "professional responsibilites"? My experience is the SEC staff treats only Big 87654 CPAs "professionally". What action will the SEC take with respect to PWC, AIG's and Vampire Squid's CPAs? Substance versus form considerations from the SEC staff, surely you jest Kroker. What will the SEC do about KPMG and E&Y and the ".001 standard", my 5 March 2008 post:

Word. And I have nothing useful to add. Just an enthusiastic fuck yes!!

Jr Deputy Accountant

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