Tobacco Avenue Goes Smoke Free

Sunday, January 03, 2010 1 Comments

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A) I'm smoking a Camel as I write this and B) OMG Tobacco Avenue without the tobacco? Welcome to my reality, San Francisco has been like that for as long as I can remember. Last I recall, the Milwaukee Denny's I worked at in high school had smoking/no smoking. Ewww.

Tobacco Avenue! I want your official statement on this shit!

Still, smokers are being persecuted everywhere.

LA Times:

The changing face of the Old Dominion can be seen in the stuff Jimmy Cirrito sweeps up off the floor of his bar every night. It used to be cigarette butts -- now it's gum.

"I got Nicorette and Bubblicious and green and yellow and purple. It looks like a circus down there," said Cirrito, owner of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in the northern Virginia suburb of Herndon, where patrons once smoked so much they burned holes in the curtains. Now they chew to fight the urge.

It's been one month since Virginia became the first Southern state to ban smoking in bars and restaurants. For about 400 years, that was an unthinkable proposition. George Washington grew tobacco at Mount Vernon. Marlboro-making Philip Morris USA is headquartered in Richmond.

But the same demographic shift that helped Virginia pull off another unlikely feat -- supporting Barack Obama for president -- has fueled a smoking ban in the state where the tobacco industry was practically born. A more moderate, college-educated batch of newcomers is changing the cultural landscape here and across the South. In North Carolina, the king of tobacco producers, a similar law took effect Saturday.

Meanwhile, you guys thought Mark Sanford (JDA's Favorite Governor of All-time BTW, that dude is rad) was too distracted wandering the Appalachian Trail to have his state's back but they're going to clean up on the fact that people in North Carolina can't smoke like they used to.

People don't like when you do that shit.

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Stan said...

Fort Worth, TX (home to me) just recently almost banned smoking in cigar lounges! MondoWTF. A government that tries to control how, when, and where we perform unhealthy actions is one thing, but to tell me I am not allowed to do them anymore starts crossing into "overlord" status...and I don't appreciate it one bit. Another step further away from true democracy we go. *yay*