Via Going Concern: Bernanke's Next Four Years

Today is my final Fed-related column at Going Concern because you jackasses stalk me here on JDA but must be scared of accounting and never go over there. Shame that.

Anyway, the good part is I went out with a bang and thanks to WC Varones was able to throw in a little suggestion of total market manipulation. Yay!

Bernanke’s Next Four Years

Anyway, let’s talk about Bernanke’s confirmation!


Ben Bernanke won the backing of the Senate for a second four-year term as chairman of the Federal Reserve by a comfortable margin Thursday. Even with that storm behind him, Mr. Bernanke faces formidable political and economic challenges made tougher by the bruising confirmation fight.

Yeah, ok, let’s ignore the fact that the Fed spent the last week buttering up everyone they could to get to push Bernanke through. WSJ made it really easy with a chart of Senators who were going to vote for him, who weren’t, and who were undecided. It was a fucking Fed Telethon trying to save Bernanke’s ass and with a 70-30 vote, apparently they won.

Want the rest plus the chart? You better go over to GC to get it. Tricky Fed bastards.

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