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I used this before but can't remember where.
Still can't figure out if it's for real.

JDA guessed drugs and video games would do pretty well despite a bad economy in 2008 and lo-and-behold, it looks like at least one of those industries is still doing OK. I've heard porn is way down. Follow the fucking trend, people, it isn't complicated.

My December 19, 2008 The X-factor: How America Will Distract Itself from Pending Financial Doom:

Projections for the video game industry seem pretty rosy when compared to collapsing financial giants, crippled car makers, and even mistresses misled out of their entitlement funds for keeping a secret.

It's not shocking if you really stop to think about it. We've already been conditioned to live in our little virtual worlds, and by 2012 it is predicted that nearly 190 million American households will have a video game console. Now, that prediction relies on past performance as an indicator and we all know in this market nothing is safe but even in the midst of a recession video game sales were up 10% in November.

The LA Times is now telling us video games are up 4%. I have a Nintendo DS and get all of my games from China so I'm not sure where that fits in there. I already have dents in my thumbs, might as well enjoy my commute.

Don't get excited, it was a long painful year for video games. I capitalized on this by getting two consoles at bargain-basement prices just days after Christmas. Awww, always with the gloom.

The increase from a year earlier comes on strong sales of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. But the month's results fail to counter an otherwise gloomy 2009.

The video game industry eked out a 4% sales gain in the U.S. last month, rising to $5.32 billion as shoppers snapped up nearly 2.8 million copies each of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

But the uptick in the crucial holiday shopping month couldn't counter an otherwise bleak 2009, which saw sales of video games, consoles and accessories total $19.66 billion, down 8% from 2008, market research firm NPD Group said.

December capped a stomach-churning year for the games industry, during which retail sales fell in 8 of the 12 months, leading several major publishers to cut costs and workers. Electronic Arts Inc. and Ubisoft Entertainment this week lowered their guidance because of softer-than-expected holiday sales.

I repeat: awwwww

If you look at the three guesses, two are freely available on the Internet. Which one do you think is doing best?

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Anonymous said...

During the Depression, they went to the movies to forget about the headlines. Today, they play Guitar Hero.