Don't Blame Ben Bernanke (No Seriously)

Thursday, February 04, 2010 0 Comments

(h/t Pete Ashton and Gabe via SU)

(I neglected to observe the 3rd anniversary of Robert Anton Wilson's death on January 11th this year so consider this me making up for it.)

The use of atomic weapons was widely blamed on a primate named Albert Einstein. Even Einstein himself had agreed with this opinion. He was a pacifist and had suffered abominable pangs of conscience over what had been done with his scientific discoveries….

Actually the discovery of atomic energy was the result of the work of every scientist, craftsman, engineer, technician, philosopher, and gadgeteer who had ever lived on Terra. The use of atomic energy as a weapon was the result of all the political decisions ever made, from the time the vertebrates first started competing for territory.

Most Terran primates did not understand the multiplex nature of causality. They tended to think everything had a single cause. This simple philosophic error was so widespread on that planet that the primates were all in the habit of giving themselves, and other primates, more credit than was deserved when things went well. This made them all inordinately conceited.

They also gave themselves, and one another, more blame than was deserved when things went badly. This gave them all jumbo-sized guilt complexes.

It is usually that way on primitive planets, before quantum causality is understood.

Robert Anton Wilson, Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy, p7

(if you are unfamiliar with his work, sorry but I couldn't begin to explain it to you.)

What's my point? Ben Bernanke didn't invent the Fed buying Treasurys.

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