GoldmanSachs666 Makes WSJ's "Ten Wall Street Blogs You Need to Bookmark Now"

Thursday, February 25, 2010 , , 3 Comments

It warms JDA's Fedbashing little heart to see that GoldmanSachs666 - a website I have contributed to since May of 2009 and a project that is near and dear to my heart - has been listed on WSJ as a must-read Wall Street blog for bailout addicts.

David Weidner via WSJ:

Every addict has to have his or her fix, and for Wall Street junkies obsessed with bonuses, bailouts and beta, the blogosphere has plenty of smack to go around.

Wall Street blogs have become a serious enterprise of late affirmed by the recent acquisition, for an undisclosed sum, of by Morningstar Inc., the Chicago-based fund research giant and CBS Corp.'s 2007 acquisition of Wall Strip for a reported $5 million.

These homespun sites break news, offer wit and insight that wasn't even available a few years ago. Some have risen to the point of being must-reads on a daily basis. Nouriel Roubini, the economist, is a blogger and reader of blogs. One blog has steady traffic from the Federal Reserve and Congressional staffers. Another is rumored to be read by hedge fund executive Ken Griffin and Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

And Weidner's kind words on our conspiratorial little baby:

Before Matt Taibbi there was GS666. For hardcore conspiracy theorists who think all of our financial woes are the result of a certain investment bank, this is the place to go. GS666 aggregates all things Goldman, drawing the wrath of the bank in a trademark-infringement lawsuit. The case was resolved and the blog now carries a prominent disclaimer. Founded in February 2009 by a Floridian entrepreneur named Mike Morgan, the site has been run since October by Larry Rubinoff, a semi-retired mortgage professional, and other volunteers after Mr. Morgan suffered a heart attack and required bypass surgery.

•The Cause: According to Mr. Rubinoff to "demonstrate how destructive (Goldman's bankers) are to our lives and the hopes and dreams of our children."
•By Nature Asks The Theological Question: Can the devil do "God's work?"

The devil can't do God's work but that's what incendiaries are for.

Speaking on behalf of the entire GoldmanSachs666 team (surely Larry doesn't mind), we're honored to be among the greats like Dealbreaker (sister site of JDA's own Going Concern), Naked Capitalism, and the Reformed Broker.

For the record, JDA sees a lot more Fed traffic than GoldmanSachs666 but I do have to confess that the SEC and Treasury are both loyal GS666 readers. Yup, saw what you did there. *yawn*

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darkcloud said...

JD -

New webpage look is sharp. And congrats on making WSJ's Top 10 WS Blogs - via your work on GS666.

First, you make Time, now WSJ - - way to go, Kid.

Keep giving them hell!

Thanks, DC, I didn't have any other plans so the "giving 'em hell" thing is pretty much penciled in as long as they keep trying to get away with this shit ;)

Hope you're well!


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