Via Going Concern: Non-Profits are Feeling the Pain

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 , , 0 Comments

I guess I should officially announce the fact that JDA has been pimped out by Breaking Media to cover non-profit accounting over at Going Concern (even though we all know my heart is in Fedbashing, sadly the JDA fanboys didn't go jerk off over me on GC and I've been banned from going all anti-Fed over there now *cry*). And look, there I go!

Non-Profits Are Feeling the Pain (GC):

WSJ has a Monday piece “Once-Robust Charity Sector Hit With Mergers, Closings” (the Recession Forces Nonprofits to Consolidate) that may be found here. It tells the story of a “homeless” woman with terminal lung cancer and a charity no longer able to afford to help her out. Sad.

When one charity’s COO says “we’ve had funding cut after funding cut, and we never know when the next shoe is going to drop,” that is a bad sign.

If you're into charitable doom and gloom and Service nonsense, Read the rest over at Going Concern. Please. A girl's got to eat.

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