ACORN is About to Go Bust

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 PlanetJune came up with these cute motherfuckers
that have absolutely nothing to do with ACORN asshattery

Stop getting pissed off, right-wing contingency, ACORN is mismanaged and getting its ass kicked by the Republicans so it's pretty much done for.

Rejoice or something?


The community organizing group Acorn, battered politically from the right and suffering from mismanagement along with a severe loss of government and other funds, is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, officials of the group said Friday.

Acorn is holding a teleconference this weekend to discuss plans for a bankruptcy filing, two officials of the group said. They asked not to be identified because they were not authorized to speak to the news media.

Over the last six months, at least 15 of the group’s 30 state chapters have disbanded and have no plans of re-forming, Acorn officials said. The California and New York chapters, two of the largest, have severed their ties to the national group and have independently reconstituted themselves with new names. Several other state groups are also re-forming outside the Acorn umbrella, and will not be affected if the national organization files for bankruptcy.

Can I put in a request? I want an ACORN official on record saying it is the undercover Republican pimp's fault they went down. Please?

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Ted said...

Are you willing to attest to what you hear on foxnews? Why would anyone trust an accountant who is so gullible?


I'm not an accountant and this blog isn't meant to "sell my services" if I were. Secondly, what does this have to do with FOXNews? Is NYT not a trust-worthy news outlet now? The media is worse off than I thought!

Did you Google me just to come here and tell me I'm gullible? I'm honored.


Ted said...

Google Reader thought you were an accountant. I checked your 'about me' page and you are indeed as ignorant as you claim to be.

Why with a name like Gonzalaz you also want to keep the browns from voting (which is what the acorn thing is about) is beyond me. Maybe you can pass as white. Or are self-hating. Whatever.

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...

A Las Vegas judge has spared senior ACORN executive Amy Adele Busefink jail time for her role in a notorious voter fraud conspiracy.

Judge Donald Mosley sentenced Busefink to two years imprisonment but suspended the jail time provided that she abides by the terms of her probation. She was also fined a total of $4,000 and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck and you can see a steaming trail of duck shit coming from it's ass...

Anonymous said...

goin' down like a meth addicted prostitute during fleet week

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