Blowing a Bigger Bubble: The Green Scam


I remind you I live in San Francisco. California. You know, the state that invented hijacking tax refunds because it cannot pay its bills - ever the trend-setter, California may not be alone this year in holding on just a tad longer to money that was never theirs in the first place. Oh dear, someone might need a lesson in government accounting. Expenditures, not expenses, the difference is subtle but translates from accounting terms to real-life terms to mean you might be waiting for your state tax refund this year. Being a Californian, I already know what that's like. (They finally started paying them out in October of last year)

That's not all California is good for. Al Gore seems to believe he can work everyone up into a green technology lather but the reality is they'd burned out technology everywhere else and needed another bubble. Really? I watched dot com from the inside in San Francisco at 19 years old, let me tell you, SFMTA didn't have any fucking funding problems back then. Muni did, however, have the "bunching" problem that still pisses most of us off today (those of us that are still around). The point is, Arnold would love to see you green technology alchemists (whatever that is) spin your straw here in California. Case in point, the Bloom Box everyone was jerking themselves off about a few weeks ago.

So they know what a good bubble can accomplish. And if that doesn't work, how about baiting dumb old America with some line about terrible Red China to get the support of the unwashed masses?

The Jakarta Globe:

With the US economy struggling and the political system in gridlock, there is one thing everyone in Washington seems to agree on: The Chinese do it better.

Cyberspace? China has an army of hackers ready to read your most intimate e-mails and spy on corporations and super-secret government agencies. Education? China is churning out engineers almost as fast as it’s making toys. Military prowess? China is catching up, so quickly that it is about to deploy an anti-ship ballistic missile that could make life on a US aircraft carrier a perilous affair. The economy? China has gone from cheap-clothing maker to America’s banker. Governance? At least they can build a high-speed train. And energy? Look out, Red China is going green!

This new Red Scare says a lot about America’s collective psyche at this moment. A nation with a per capita annual income of $6,546 — ensconced above Ukraine and below Namibia, according to the International Monetary Fund — is putting the fear of God, or Mao, into Americans’ hearts.

Here’s US President Barack Obama talking about clean energy in February: “Countries like China are moving even faster ... I’m not going to settle for a situation where the United States comes in second place or third place or fourth place in what will be the most important economic engine in the future.”

Look out, it's fucking China coming to compete with our asses!

The protectionism is rampant and it feels like OMG! Obama is staging outrage towards our 2nd largest creditor. 3rd if this keeps up and China keeps dumping Treasurys. Eventually, the "Caribbean Banking Centers" (ha!) will be our 2nd largest creditor with Japan racing by a distant 1st (out of control accelerators anyone?) and Russia catching up. Don't expect that to last. In reality, a year from now US creditors will look like this (I'm guessing):

1. The Fed (duh, let's be transparent about this)
2. Japan (because otherwise we won't be allowed to buy their cars - since the government owns most of the car companies in America except Ford, it would obviously want to run those popular damn Japanese cars off the market)
3. Caribbean Banking Centers (also the Fed, let's be real about that too)
4. Russia
5. China

I'd put money on that.

Anyway, hopefully you are nowhere on that "creditor of the United States" list, even if they ask nicely and/or make it convenient to transform your tax refund into Treasury debt.

When does it end?

Not with green energy, I assure you.

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