The China/Google B*tchfight Continues

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 , , 0 Comments

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Google didn't care about censorship until China bit back and messed with them, now all the sudden the GOOG is all about pulling out. Here's your chance, Bing! Go, go, go!

Chinese news is reporting that has stopped censoring most results ("Tiananmen Square massacre" still yields tame content) though the AP is reporting Google officials claim's censorship is still alive and well. Who to believe? State-controlled media or the Internet behemoth we know and love?

I'm staying out of it. If you ask me, Google should have told Chinese officials to shove their censorship directly up their asses in 2006 but that's just me.

Business Week:

In 2006, Google agreed to comply with requirements to filter its search results on the site to expand operations in China, where the ruling Communist Party restricts information it deems unfavorable.

Google has drawn up detailed plans to shut its search engine in China and is “99.9 percent” certain of going ahead with the closure, the Financial Times reported March 13, citing a person it didn’t name.

Chinese regulators told some of Google’s biggest partners on March 12 that they should plan for the company’s retreat from the country, the New York Times reported yesterday, citing a person with knowledge of the notice. It indicated negotiations with the government had reached an impasse, the newspaper said.

GOOG took a dive Monday but has rebounded nicely showing that capitalism beats communism any day of the week. EPS of $20.49?! Seriously? Google needed to be knocked down a peg anyway.

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