Crusading Against the Census (Plus Internet B*tchfighting for Dummies)

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After a bunch of hard-core Ron Paulnuts attacked TLP yesterday as they chose not to actually read his headline nor any of the content here on JDA (which would have clearly shown that we are on the side of freedom, small impotent government and of course Dr Paul's cause, lost as it may be sometimes), I'm loathe to even mention the census again.

Let's reiterate: I've got a big fucking End the Fed sign hanging next to my bed that is made out of recycled Ron Paul '08 signs from Campaign for Liberty so stop getting up my ass about flame-baiting, you asshats. Read the fucking article and know who you are speaking to before you start getting your tin foil panties in a bunch, you're making the honorable Doctor look bad with your sweeping generalizations and ignorant arguments. Arguments staged on the Internet with your own people, I remind you. Way to use your precious energy wisely.

Anyway. Fuck the Census.

Big Government:

In addition, the census process has had to endure a White House power grab making Americans very skeptical of the WH’s true intentions. Moreover, there’s is some inherent distrust of how the census is designed and the information it may yield that could allow for a permanent Democrat-controlled government:
The civil rights community won an important battle today in the fight for a fair and accurate 2010 census that counts every person in the United States as required by the U.S. Constitution.

By voting today for cloture on the Commerce-State-Justice Appropriations bill, the Senate effectively ended debate on the divisive Vitter-Bennett amendment. The amendment, which would have forced the Census Bureau to add questions on citizenship and immigration status to the census form less than six months before the count, is clearly unconstitutional. Under the 14th amendment to the Constitution, the apportionment of members of the House of Representatives is based on a full count of persons – not just citizens – in each state. emphasis mine

Unconstitutional? Not sure about that if the people they are referring to are in this country illegally. But, because the citizenship question is not on the form, illegal residents will be more inclined to fill out the form.

Furthermore, the questions asked are quite intrusive and appear unconstitutional.

Really? Because according to Politics Daily, this year's census is not nearly as invasive as previous versions (I know, I'm shocked too), even if the government is wasting a shit ton of money to send out letters warning Americans that they'll be sending out letters (oh government efficiency, I love you so).

Libertarian hero and small government crusader Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has a message for the Census Bureau: "None of your business."

In his weekly column for constituents, Paul writes that the only question the Census Bureau has the constitutional right to ask Americans is, "How many people live here?" Anything more than that, the congressman says, is an invasive expansion of government power.

"It is not hard to imagine that information compiled by the census could be used against people in the future, despite claims to the contrary and the best intentions of those currently in charge of the Census Bureau," he writes. "The government can and does change its mind about these things, and people have a right to be skeptical about government promises."

The 2010 census asks 10 questions, the fewest of any decennial count in decades. In addition to asking how many people live in each household, this year's census asks for respondents' names, addresses, telephone numbers, and race or ethnicity. Past forms have asked for people's occupations and incomes, and even the make of their cars and their immigration status.

You have a choice, America. You can indulge the Big Brother government and divulge how many illegal immigrants you've got stashed in your closet or you can simply check off how many human beings live in your home and mark their ethnicity as AMERICAN. Case closed. It is none of their business.

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