Eric Massa as Conservative Media Hero?

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In the ultimate twist of the knife in Democrats' backs, Eric Massa will be joining Rush Limbaugh for a nice little sit-down bitch session about the current state of politics in DC. Apparently Rush has a short memory (must be the Vicodin) and has forgotten all about how Massa called him a pompous coward. Oh dear.

Do we need a hero that badly? So much so that we'd go recruit defectors from the other team just because they happen to say terrible things about OMGObama's right-hand man?


Eric Massa, the ex-congressman who Rush Limbaugh celebrated at length on his show yesterday, once went on a YouTube tirade blasting Limbaugh as a "schoolyard bully" and a "pompous coward" whose show is "destructive to this country."

The cognitive dissonance between Massa's past identity as a fiery Democratic congressman and his new role as what Politico calls a "conservative media hero" is likely to get even more intense tonight when Massa is interviewed by Glenn Beck.

Limbaugh presents a striking example.

Yesterday, Limbaugh spent a lengthy chunk of his show promoting Massa and his charge that Democratic leaders forced him out of Congress. "We're doing our part here to make it a national story," Limbaugh said, adding that:

"This guy is as fired up as anybody I've ever heard anywhere opposed this, and the process and how they're getting it done. This guy is going to have so much support from people."

This is officially a clusterfuck. Gaze with admiration as the GOP lifts Massa to hero proportions and forgets all about that little incident with the underaged staffer and "salty" fluids language. Conservative family values! WOO!!

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