Google May Pull Out of China Sooner Rather Than Later

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Google was due to pull out on April 10th but apparently has decided that it's sick of China's shit and ready to pull out now. Best of luck with that. Hey, as of noon Monday, directs to Google Hong Kong which must mean they're out. Awesome, are we done now?


China's state-run Xinhua news agency launched a new broadside against Google Inc (GOOG) on Monday, saying in an angry commentary that the company had reneged on promises to abide by Chinese law.

Speculation is swirling that Google will soon announce a decision to pull out of China, or at least shut down its Chinese search engine.

The Financial Times, citing a person familiar with the situation, said the company could say on Monday that it will close its Chinese search engine.

Google has not formally unveiled any such plans.

Xinhua bashed Google over the weekend via Google, don't politicalize yourself [sic, and a cute sic at that]. Sure, the Chinese censor news but what massive corporation could resist tapping into a market jam-packed with a billion info-hungry Chinese?

From groundlessly accusing the Chinese government of supporting hacker attack against it to pushing China abandon the legal regulations on the Internet by threatening to withdraw from the Chinese market, many facts have shown that Google is politicalizing itself.

Google, as the world's largest search engine, should understand an internationally accepted rule as well as other enterprises, if not better, that no matter in which country you conduct business, you have to obey the laws and regulations there.

In fact, no country allows unrestricted flow on the Internet of pornographic, violent, gambling or superstitious content, or content on government subversion, ethnic separatism, religious extremism, racialism, terrorism and anti-foreign feelings.

China has been implementing the reform and opening-up policies for more than three decades and its stance for keeping the door open remains unchanged. Having conducted business in China for four years, Google has benefited from China's opening-up policies and its vast market.

Ahhh state-run media, gotta love it.

Damn them, they're right. Suddenly Google is pissed but they were cool with the censorship up until the point the Chinese decided to bite the big GOOG.

Let's just make sure we keep the filth off the tubes, ok kids?

Under the Jacaranda Tree Feb 2009:

As we know, China’s censorship authorities have stepped up the censoring and blocking of websites under the pretext of filtering vulgar content since late last year. The Vatican now reveals that a large number of Catholic websites are among those blocked recently. They include: Radio Veritas of Asia, the website of the Chinese Regional Bishops’ Conference, all of the Catholic sites of Taiwan, and those of the diocese of Hong Kong. The Vatican does not hesitate to point out:

The [Chinese] government says that it wants to fight pornography on the internet, but it is systematically taking measures against sites with no pornographic content, which however present information not entirely in harmony with the version of the Communist Party.

The systematic censorship of Catholic sites in Taiwan even goes “against the tide” with respect to the tremendous improvement underway in relations between Beijing and Taipei.

It is understood that, which was blocked on an on-again, off-again basis for years, has now been made permanently invisible to Internet users in China.

OK! I see what's going on here. What we need is a nice little sit-down between Chinese authorities (leave the censoring Sharpies at home, boys) and Google. Invite the Pope too, hell, let him explain that Catholicism is NOT pornography and everyone can share a good laugh about how silly we are when we let protectionism and culture misunderstanding get in the way of innovation and technology.



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