Hey Google, Once You Pull It Out There's No Sticking It Back In

Friday, March 19, 2010 , , , 1 Comments

I guess that's just how the Chinese roll. Sure you wanna do it?

Business Week:

Google Inc. would probably be unable to return to China should it withdraw from the market instead of abiding by the country’s censorship laws, a former executive at the company said.

The public manner in which Google announced its intention to pull out of the country means they may have “burnt bridges and they’ve burnt the Google brand in China,” Peter Lui, formerly the company’s financial controller for the Asia Pacific region, said in an interview yesterday. “There is no way Google can ever come back.”

The tentative date for Google's withdrawal is April 10th, according to a Chinese paper. Google is totally ruining it by giving hints, it should always be sudden and, uh...

x_@ Nevermind.

Google is kind of on my shit list right now but I'd rather not mess with them. Petpetpet.

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