The IMF's Magical New European Branch

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Not to be confused with the horrible early 90s "indie dance" band by the same name, the IMF presents Bailout: European Edition! Ironically, EMF took their name from the nickname given to fans of New Order based on the following fantastically appropriate lyric: E! Ecstasy! M! Motherfucker, motherfucker! F! From us to you...

I wouldn't call the Eurozone situation "ecstasy", exactly (JDA has a different definition for that word which she will be keeping to herself tyvm) but it sure has the motherfucker part down.


The International Monetary Fund might support a separate bail-out fund for European countries, depending on the nature of the agreement that is struck in Brussels.

The IMF would not comment on Monday on the possible creation of a European Monetary Fund on the grounds that no specific proposal had yet been presented by the European Commission and member states.

But IMF officials said that an EMF with powers to rescue bankrupt eurozone governments would not necessarily compete with the Washington-based global body and that there were situations in which the IMF might back the formation of such a regional arrangement.

You can also check out Eurozone Geniuses Come Up with an IMF-esque Bailout Commission for more on this genius scheme to save the euro without sending a clear signal that it's a bailout bonanza for the rest of the EU should they choose to falsify their debt numbers and threaten to take all of Europe down with them.

It's unbelievable!


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