Jobs I Don't Envy: Census Takers

Monday, March 15, 2010 , 0 Comments

 Auditors, name the scenario...
it's like December 31st but with people!

You know, JDA is hungry for cash these days after ditching the 9 - 5 (make that 8 - 7, it was a hard-knock life) but there are some lines even she won't cross.

CNNMoney tells us if you need a job, there's always Census taking. At a price, of course:

The Census Bureau estimated Monday that Americans could save the federal government $1.5 billion by mailing their 2010 census forms instead of waiting for a census taker to show up at the door.

The gig pays between $10 and $22 an hour depending on where you live - if the Census were a full-time gig in California, takers making $22 an hour would still be considered hovering dangerously close to the poverty line (I believe it's $45,000 here in San Francisco, no kidding).

Best of luck and here's to hoping none of you knock on MY door when I return my Census form with a big 1 PERSON, AMERICAN across it in Sharpie. No, actually, I dare you. Please.

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