Muni Budget Crisis Gets Testy in San Francisco

Tuesday, March 02, 2010 , , 3 Comments

Apologies, Livin in the Loin gets credit for
the Muni FUK (p.s. JDA sympathizes. The Loin is a rough place)

I'm so sad I missed it.

You can see an awesome Flickr set (from Ari) of Monday night's March Against Muni here.

March Against Muni has a list of demands and a call to action for San Francisco Bay Area Muni riders (yours truly is included and often bitches about her Muni experience on the Commuting Capitalist):

San Francisco’s public transit system is at risk. Due to poor decisions, Muni has become unreliable and unsustainable.

San Francisco residents have had enough. We rely on public transportation to remain consistent and affordable. We cannot allow Muni to continue down the slippery slope of increasing fares while stripping services away.

We’re calling on you this March to protest and boycott until our demands are met:

1. No More Route Cuts
2. No More Fare Hikes
3. No More Overcrowding
4. No More Delays
5. No More Rude Drivers
6. No More Exploiting Seniors & Disabled
7. No More Filthy Conditions
8. No More Fare Theft
9. No More Excessive Pay
10. No More Paper Fast Passes

Join the FB group and keep up on the Muni drama news here. SF Weekly goes "deep" into the heart of the March Against Muni movement, or rather profiles its two founders, a couple of guys who ride Muni and are sick of it. But the SF Weekly also tends to have a raging, blatant bias so I don't know if you want to believe their take on it (I don't).

Amen, brothers, Amen. JDA is with you, see you on the 19 Polk and try not to step in anything.

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