No Administration Left Behind, Just America's Few Remaining Geniuses

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My what is a dumbass?! (seriously, it's real)

Ask Skeptical CPA how he feels about the state of education in America. I am compelled to agree with him, the educational system in this country is a fraud, plain and simple. Some have suggested state-subsidized "higher" education is little more than a trick to keep working age adults out of the workforce as long as possible as there are not enough jobs to go around. Conspiratorial as it may be, something must be up and that's as good an explanation as any.

Still others claim that in the first half of the 20th century, it was decided the "dumbing down of America" would be beneficial to future generations as it would make it harder for them to qualify for well-paid positions, thereby avoiding the yoke of higher income tax. Again, sounds a tad tin foil hat but there must be some explanation for the proliferation of total idiots in this country and you can't blame it on American Idol as that show has only been around for a handful of years.

As a child of 1980s public school myself, I'm going to have to go with "Campaign to Dumb Down America" and insist that one need only look at Gen Y to see how well that plan has worked. Too well, in fact.

And now we're trying to reverse the trend. Too little too late if you ask me.


President Obama proposed Saturday to overhaul the No Child Left Behind law, saying he wanted to help all students get on track for college and careers, through a new school accountability system that he hoped could be in place within four years.

"Under these guidelines, schools that achieve excellence or show real progress will be rewarded," Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address, "and local districts will be encouraged to commit to change in schools that are clearly letting their students down."

Obama wants to drop the No Child label and reshape the law without scrapping it entirely. But that approach drew immediate fire from teachers unions, which have been among the foremost critics of the testing program begun under President George W. Bush.

"No Child Left Behind" does not help the brilliant child who is left back because her braindead schoolmates need 13 weeks to learn the multiplication tables. It does not help the voracious kindergarten reader. It certainly does not help the creative genius as music and art programs have all but been vaporized from our public schools.

Yeah, America, good luck catching China now. You can go back to American Idol now. Or Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. Here's a hint: you probably aren't.

Ask yourself why we need directions on shampoo bottles and warnings on soda bottles not to open them pointing directly at our faces. Then think about how many times just this week you've seen "your" and "you're" used as if they are interchangeable. And if that still isn't enough proof, I've got plenty of war stories about college-educated accountants (some with Masters degrees!) who can't understand the question "what is your name?" if you'd like to get into that whole mess.

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