SFPD Busts Their Own Quality-Testing Cokehead

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 , , 0 Comments

The excellent part is that the San Francisco Police Department is cracking down on all sorts of crime these days. I still see Muni fights, piss on every other sidewalk, weird sketchy pervs wandering down Polk St... but not so much as to be all that bothered by it. You stop watching at some point.

However, when one of the SFPD's own starts sampling the City's Peruvian wares, one cannot help but stare directly at it.


San Francisco officials Tuesday ordered the shutdown of all drug testing at the police crime lab amid allegations that a former technician stole and used some of the cocaine she was supposed to analyze.

Deborah J. Madden, 60, of San Mateo officially retired this month. An investigation linked her to missing drugs in at least six cases in the latter part of 2009, police said.

She left her job as of Dec. 8 and has recently been in treatment for drugs and alcohol and other unspecified health issues, police said.

Officials discovered that the evidence was missing during a crime lab audit conducted in December, police said.

Maybe the lab's controls are fucked if her fellow coke-testing technicians couldn't figure out a 60 year old woman was high on San Francisco cocaine. Come on. Every single San Franciscan knows what one looks like. Our very own Gavin Newsom recently had a crack sandwich experience in the historic Haight District. Haven't been there lately, have you? I'll save you the trip, don't go.

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